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How Important Is Grit?

This workshop will discuss the role that grit – a trait characterized by courage, conscientiousness and resilience – plays in the success of a child with a learning disability. We will examine how to define grit and how it can be measured in a child. We will also review interventions that promote the development of social and emotional resilience in children and how to enhance those skills to protect children with reading disorders from emotional distress.


Webinar Information
Webinar Date:
September 01, 2019
Webinar Location:
New York
New York, NY
Webinar Objectives
  • Understand what grit is and why it is important for academic success.
  • Emphasize the difference between growth and fixed mindsets.
  • Learn effective strategies and models for fostering grit in the classroom.
How Important is Grit?
Speaker Information
Kenneth Schuster, PsyD  [ view bio ]
Individual topic purchase: Selected
New York State Education Department
Continuing Teacher and Leader Credit: 1.00
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