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My Brain Made Me Do It: Understanding the Adolescent Brain

Adolescence is a period marked by dramatic changes physically and emotionally. It is also a period of time when the brain undergoes critical transformations that make it particularly open to learning and vulnerable to risk. This talk provides educators with information about the teenage brain. Attendees will learn about why adolescents are particularly prone to risk-taking behaviors, vulnerable to peer pressure, and attached to social media. They will also learn how to capitalize on these changes to promote improved self-regulation and to maximize learning among teenaged students.

Webinar Information
Webinar Date:
September 01, 2019
Webinar Location:
New York
New York, NY
Webinar Objectives
  • Understand the adolescent brain structure and learning process.
  • Emphasize possible risks associated with adolescence and teenage development.
  • Explore strategies for encouraging optimal development using self-regulation and co-regulation.
My Brain Made Me Do It: Understanding the Adolescent Brain
Speaker Information
Laura Phillips, PsyD, ABPdN  [ view bio ]
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New York State Education Department
Continuing Teacher and Leader Credit: 1.00
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