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This project is made by Child Mind Institute

About Us

School & Community Programs
Professional Training

Our Professional Training team engages in collaborative relationships with school partners to build on strengths and increase capacity for sustainable access to mental wellness for students in historically minoritized and marginalized communities.

Our team does this by providing effective training and turnkey resources, on-going consultative support, and collaborative implementation guidance to ensure the feasibility and sustainability of mental health program delivery within schools.

  • K-12 mental health skill-building training program for educators.
  • Training and implementation support for school-based mental health professionals delivering evidence-based interventions to students.

School & Community Programs
at the Child Mind Institute

The team at the Child Mind Institute brings evidence-based mental health care to historically minoritized and marginalized school communities through skill-building programs and direct clinical services for students, professional training for educators and school-based clinicians, and resources that support caregivers.

The right mental health intervention can be transformative for a child who’s struggling. That’s why we meet kids where they are and collaborate with their communities to provide sustainable, effective support.

About the Child Mind Institute

Millions of children – as many as 1 in 5 – struggle with mental health or learning challenges. Fully 70% of U.S. counties do not have a single child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Due to stigma, misinformation, and a lack of access to care, the average time between onset of symptoms and any treatment at all is over 8 years. Our children deserve better.